Representative Peter DeFazio's Party Unity Score Discussion

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Peter DeFazio’s (D, OR-4) party unity score was 94% (Weyl, 183). Party unity as defined in the textbook, Congress and Its Members, are votes in which the majority of voting Republicans oppose a majority of voting Democrats. In other words, average votes Peter DeFazio casted with the Democratic majority against the Republican majority. Furthermore, party affiliation as well as ideological positions, and the constituency pressure are strongly correlated with congressmen’s voting decisions (Davidson, Oleskek, & Lee 2014, 255). The roll call vote that I chose to calculate the party unity score of Rep. DeFazio was the roll call vote named Disaster Supplement- Fish and Wildlife Construction. This roll call concerned a bill named Super Storm Sandy Disaster Aid. The purpose of the roll call was to determine if hinder funding for the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to repair seawalls and buildings on wildlife refuges that are damaged by a natural disaster. The reduction of funds to the FWS by $9.8 million was another main point of the roll call vote. This roll call voting would determine how much funding would be provided to FWS to help the communities affect by Hurricane Sandy as well as other damaged wildlife refuges across the nation. In this issue, Rep, DeFazio voted nay along with 189 Democrats. However, the outcome of the voting was 216 to 205 in favor of the Republican Party (CQ Weekly, 2013). A particular factor that influenced Rep. DeFazio voting nay on…

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