Republic Of The Usa Essay

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The Republic of the USA
The definition of government, according to, is the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the inhabitants of communities, societies, and states. However, in the book Legend by Marie Lu, the definition of government is very different. Legend is about two main characters, June and Day, who meet in a surprising scenario and end up working together to bring down the Republic. The theme of government control relates to an ongoing war, the militarization of people, and a rebellious community.
Government control has led to an ongoing war between the Colonies and the Republic, each fighting the war to take over each others and use a different government system. The Colonies want to restore America back to the United States of America and the Republic wants to defend their land and eliminate the threat of the Colonies entirely. Anti Colonies ads like “The Colonies want our land,” (Lu 1) are presented on JumboTrons in Republic cities to get civilians to support the Republic’s cause. There is a Trial’s system implemented into the Republic that sorts out who would be a good candidate for a soldier when children are only ten years old. Those who fail get experimented on with bioweapons. Those who pass get sent to a college based on their
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At college, June states that “almost all of us are well on our way to career assignments in the Republic’s military,” (Lu 16) which shows just how militarized the Republic is. Another example of this is when June recalls her assignment “when all third-year Drake students had to shadow and assigned military branch” (Lu 18). Kids are either being experimented on to improve the Republic’s bioweapons or getting trained as soldiers to support the Republic’s military. The militarization of many shows that people are likely to turn to violence in a dispute over any
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