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Analysis The first time I worked with Ahmed, I walked him through a reading and comprehension test online. Along with a two other students in the ELL program, I was allowed to read the test questions and the answer choices to them. Yet, if there was a passage that went along with the questions, I was not allowed to read this. I also could pronounce a word for them if they didn’t know how to say it, but I couldn’t tell them what the word meant. For the most part, Ahmed was able to complete the test by himself while I read it, but sometimes he asked if I could reread the question or answer choices. The second time I worked with Ahmed on a test similar to this, he has to write most of the answers. Before working with him, my CT told me to …show more content…

With this model, I think that Ahmed will feel more comfortable during test, and he will be able to write out his thoughts. I also observed Ahmed in the class amongst his peers. He works really well with others, but doesn’t really participate a lot during group time. I think this is because he is not as confident as the rest of his peers in the content. I’ve also noticed that he only really talks to his friend from Africa too. But, because they both talk to each other in English, it really helps them become comfortable with the language. Yet, they are both at around the same level, his friend is just a bit above him, this allows both of them to speak to each other but not in the correct way. Therefore, they are not growing grammatically in English, they are just becoming more comfortable in the social aspect. According to Suárez-Orozco, C., Abo-Zena, M.M., and Marks, A.K., (2015), “Bilingual learns can and do develop second-language literacy while they are acquiring second-language oral proficiency. Furthermore, the oral, reading, and writing skills of a bilingual learner interact, creating complex relationships of mutual support” (p. 170). I feel like Ahmed’s teacher can help him become more confident in his second language acquisition by pairing the two of them with another student in the class whose native language is English. I think the group should try a variety of group projects such as role playing, games, or

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