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Module 2 Assignment: Research Summary and Ethical Considerations Karissa Skowron Grand Canyon University NRS-433 V Christine Thompson-Sanxter March 13, 2015 Research Summary and Ethical Considerations Understanding a patients’ experiences in relation to pain management is an important evidence based practice in the field of nursing. The significance as a nurse is in the understanding of the patient’s perception of pain in order to administer the appropriate treatments. This particular study was performed to understand the patients experiencing pain that have been hospitalized for cancer treatments. The objective was to obtain different perspectives in order to determine what is believed to be proper pain management. The…show more content…
Too often patients are medicated with narcotics when they are potentially other medications or other methods that may be a more appropriate method of pain management. Education and knowledge is the best way to discover the proper pain management treatment for each individual. As not all methods work as well for one as it does the other. During the study all of the patients’ information was protected and so the results were not distorted or coerced the individuals were addressed separately. There was ethical consideration as the patients were still undergoing treatment for the study and their pain was still requiring management. In conclusion pain management is an important impact on patient practice as well as education and knowledge. Although the study did prove to have been beneficial I found the results to be inconclusive as they were generally biased according to the perception of the patient on the individually nurses’ influence and actions toward the management of pain. Every nurse in each generation can learn the same information and the same execution it is what the nurse chooses to apply of his or her own attitude that will determine how the patients will perceive their care and this is with any study being performed on the nursing practice with patient. Reference Rustoen, T., Gaarsrud, T., Legaarad, M., & Wahl, A. K. (2009). Nursing pain
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