Data Gathering Essay

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Research is a vital tool for education. It is research that gives us the ability to accurately observe broad pools of student, respond to data, and thus become better educators. Without research, we wouldn 't be able to have great standard curriculums. But as I learned in this section, research is complicated, detailed, and often labor intensive.

There are many ways to gather information. Each of the many data gathering techniques has their own pros and cons. Understanding the many different types of data gathering is important, as it keeps us flexible and ready to enact effectively upon any situation. These types of data gathering techniques include interviews, questionnaires, and surveys.

Although interviews are not always economic and possible to conduct on broad numbers of students, they are probably my favorite type of data gathering technique because they are personal and therefore much more likely to be accurate. The process of interviewing involves an interviewer sitting down with an interviewee to ask questions. The questions and responses can be more complicated than those of other techniques such as tests or questionnaires. This is due to the ability of the interviewee to answer in more complicated terms due to the barrier of transmission being so low. It only takes talking for the interviewee to communicate the info. This is opposed to the writing of the questionnaire or the way a student is restricted to only a few number of responses on a test. Also, an

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