Research Is The Process Of Collecting, Studying And Analyzing Data

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Research is the process of collecting, studying and analyzing data to answer questions. Researchers use the following methodologies to assist in obtaining conclusive results; quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. In research, specifics are used to create knowledge. Each method in research has advantages and disadvantages, however, for conclusive representation of data, each method should be considered. The dissemination of a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method study has more to do with cultural competence. It formulates the focus of the research, gather data and analysis the reporting. Researchers in the field of psychology and counseling should be able to empower research practice. (Fassinger & Marrow, 2013). Each…show more content…
In evaluating the programs of the impact of parent incarceration on children, the intervention of the strengthening families program (SFP) was to promote child emotional growth, communication, and social support and positive parenting (Miller, Peryman, Markovitz, Franzen, Cochran & Brown, 2013).
The intervention implementation that the researchers used was to for parent/caregiver intervention to have clear communication, what they should expect from them and the type of discipline. They also had an implementation for stress management, how to solve a problem and the discussion of drug and alcohol. They used quasi- experimental for the data collection to assess the feasibility of using strengthening families program with the families. Because parent/caregivers needed help from the communities, the attendance, engagement, and satisfaction were measured. The result of the program indicated positive changes from the beginning of the intervention to the end of it.
Another theme in the literature is that it has been hard on some of the fathers who are incarcerated. These fathers perceptions of fatherhood was how they could get involve with their children in the article, Arditti, Smoke, & Parkman (2005) that was looking at how it is hard to be a father from a qualitative method. These fathers who were not seeing their children
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