Research Methods Used in the Research Process

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Research methods (RM) are a critical concept in the research process. It requires that the researchers be cognizant of how data will be analyze, assess, and applied in a study. Moreover, the strength of statistical, internal, construct and external validity are grounded in RM. The framing of good research questions aid in the selection of the proper design for a study, which leads to the adoption of the preeminent methodology for data collection. Hence, research methods include qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods and are derived from a distinct philosophical worldview. Therefore, section one of this paper analyzes two articles via a quantitative strategy. Section two employs this same strategy as it relates to constructs of…show more content…
theory contributions. Outcome data from this study clearly contribute to theory. Un-forgiveness has been associated with decreased mental and health states. Additionally, as people get older, there social networks may shrink which may affect the well-being of their livelihood of happiness. Researchers can significantly reduce these concerns by educating older adults and their family members on other alternatives to dealing with past and present transgressions. The application of such knowledge may in turn help restore mental and physical health.
Article Two Analysis problem statement. A substantial amount of literature explains how the forgiveness mediates forgiveness. However, very little attention has been given to how religion or spirituality may negatively contribute to un-forgiveness (Davis et al., 2013). Hence, the authors explore the constructs of forgiveness as it relates to dispositional forgiveness, God, and desecration of the sacred. purpose statement. The purpose of this is to examine the relationship between forgiveness and negative religious and spirituality appraisals. Hence, three negative appraisals are examined to address gap in literature, that is, perspective views of offender as evil, offense of desecration, and anger toward God. hypothesis. Davis et al. (2013) explicitly identifies hypothesis for each of the three studies present in this research: Study 1 and 2 sought to develop and
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