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Individual Assignment RESEARCH METHODS FOR COMPUTING AND TECHNOLOGY Name : Chong Yeong Dee (TP 025657) Intake Code : UC2F1402 (BIS) Module Code : CT098-3.5-2-RMCT Due Date : 3 NOVEMBER 2014 Lecturer : HEMALATA VASUDAVAN Executive Summary With the number of population increasing in city, where it leads to the increment of vehicles. The sufficient of parking spaces for the cars has become a big challenge for all the businesses. This paper will identify the common problems faced nowadays in the shopping malls in Malaysia. An idea (smartphone application) will be proposed for customers to book parking space before going to the shopping mall, check the availability of parking spaces for certain shopping malls pay the…show more content…
2.2 Distance of parking spaces to the entrance shopping mall Smith and Butcher defined that the criteria to determine level of parking facility service performance is based on the walking distance to the destination from the parking space. According to the study of Stephen M. Sutherland from University of Oklahoma, customers will only visit various shops that near to the entrance of their parking space and the estimated average walking distance will traverse is approximate 300-400 feet. Customers will favor the parking space that nearby the entrance, so the parking space that far away from the entrance will be ignored. This statement simply means that the total amount of parking spaces and the division of entrance should be within a ratio. But, when there are too many entrances in a parking lot, it might confuse the customers and may not remember where they parking their car. 2.3 Time consuming in searching parking space Looking for a parking spaces is a time consuming activity for day life of citizens that living in urban cities. Finding for a proper parking space would spent up for unpredictable period, wasting both time and fuel. (Alession Bechini, 2013) Another researchers agree with this statement in his research and stated that there is no proven and affordable technologies exist for assist drivers to get an empty parking space. Especially during the peak hours, like lunch hour, weekend or sales period, we can easily find out the
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