Research Of Unions ' Influence For Company Management

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Research of Unions’ Influence for Company Management After many rounds of discussion over union’s function and influence, we can understand why management wants to keep the union out, it 's very difficult to get the potential benefits of good union-management relations in reality, most of time, they have to deal with the conflict interests. While union membership is down, unions still play an important role in improving employees’ benefits, union provides employees a more powerful voice when dealing with management, in order to get better wages, safe and healthy working environment, and job security. Unions give employees a sense of belonging to protect their interests in case they become a vulnerable party in front of employers. There …show more content…

Union’s negative effect on management 1 Seniority system influence management evaluation Seniority system played a critical role in the determination of promotion, transfer, and layoff decisions. We know the importance of the seniority system, as we learned in text, seniority system is a set of rules governing the allocation of economic benefits and opportunities on the basis of service with one employer. Therefore, the seniority is considered a critical issue in management. The most important advantage of seniority is providing job security and increasing employee’s loyalty. Job security is the most basic concern of employees, because it along with wages, health care, and pension benefits, often ranks as one of the top negotiation priorities, especially during hard economic times. Most of time, employees’ skills and productivity increase with time because of the increase of experience and the results of training. The “last hired, first fired” rule could help organization keep the most experienced talents. (Carrell, 2010) Nonetheless, the indisputable fact is that union membership is declining. I think that a change is certainly necessary in order to make them more relevant and get rid of some of the major negatives that exist within current unions. Looking at the cons that exists, I would say that one of the major disadvantages that unions possess is that they strip away individualism. At the same time, I

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