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Riverview Hospital Laboratory Services

Proposal to: Mayor and Chief Medical Office

Proposal Title: Nursing Care Center

By: White Coat Syndrome Megan Lentner/Physical Therapy Director; Dana Lachance/IT Director; Tiffany Winder/Laboratory Director
August 10, 2012

Please accept this proposal for the new Riverview Hospital Nursing Care Center. Key healthcare directors have contributed to this plan. Each director’s perspective is shared as related to his/her department. The following pages of this proposal contain their ideas and touch on the following considerations for the planning of this new facility:
1. The specific department services provided
2. How nursing care center services
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Although currently no bodily fluid is excluded to any patient or provider of the facility, an outpatient collection technician service would be added to the menu of services.

“Processing- Receives, triages, and processes all blood and body fluid specimens” (Clinical Core Laboratories, n.d.). An increase in the speed of service to all departments is an expectation in the future.

“Hospital Clinical Lab- Performs a limited menu of tests in a 15- to 45-minute time frame; these tests include blood gases, electrolytes, blood cell counts, coagulation times, cardiac markers, and simple urinalysis. The results are provided primarily to the operating rooms, emergency department, intensive care units and the code team for medical emergencies where fast results are needed for acute care. The Point of Care Testing program is managed through these laboratories” (Clinical Core Laboratories, n.d.).

An expanded menu of services is to be added to testing performed by the department with a goal of performing testing services for all departments within the facility which will negate a need for testing performed by any outside provider.

“Clinical Lab- Provides STAT and routine testing for automated chemistry, automated hematology and immunoassay determinations” (Clinical Core Laboratories, n.d.).

Additional testing will be performed for departmental requests as needed.

Departmental Goals:

Grants for a Fellowship

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