Research Paper On Brown Eyes

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The eyes have always been known as the windows to the soul. Perhaps this is because the eyes tend to convey people's most basic emotions. Either way, the eye’s can tell someone a lot about a person. Someone with green eyes may be perceived as mysterious and alluring. They can capture your heart. Blue eyes may cause a chill, from the sheer coldness of a glance. While a pair of earthy brown eyes may bring warmth and comfort to any room. Whether green, blue, or brown everyone’s personality can be directly related to eye color.
Brown is earthy and full of warmth. Though at times it may be considered a little bland, it is a very trustworthy color. Which leads me to the personality traits that can be associated with brown eyes. People with brown eyes tend to have an aversion to conflict. Therefore, yelling and fighting makes them extraordinarily uncomfortable. They are usually very good listeners, so there is no need to yell at them. In conjunction with them being good listeners, they are …show more content…

Green eyes are considered mischievous and curious. Green eyes can be extremely difficult to read most of the time. However, when they can be read, their personality overflows. Green eyes can be extremely energetic. They are always asking questions and searching for answers. This can make them extremely passionate. They can find meaning and worth in anything. Green eyes need something or someone to believe in. They usually have very strong faith. Because of their passion, they tend to be creative. They see things in a different perspective, allowing them to create extraordinary things. They are quite fun-loving and playful. On the other hand, green eyes can be extremely jealous hearted. They do not like sharing anything that they perceive as precious. They can also be conceited and arrogant. They do not realize they are behaving arrogantly which makes situations worse. Their emotions control them, and they give in to their

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