Research Paper On Gordon Bennett

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Assessment Unit: VU21473
Student Name: Khoo Boon King
SAtudent ID: GEC0000052
Task1 Examine the features of the visual arts in Australia
1. I choose to write about Gordon Bennett
2. He does the painting and printmaking art. And hid style is urban indigenous art.
3. He painted on canvas using oil and acrylic
4. He started his painting in 1989
5. Gordon Bennett was born in monto, Queensland in 1995, Bennett grew up in Victoria from the age of four. After working in various trades in his early life, Bennett enrolled as a mature age student at Queensland College of art (fine art) degree in 1988. His first major solo exhibition was in 1989. His work had been at the forefront of contemporary Australian art and had been recognized internationally for its innovative and critical engagement with ideas and issues of ongoing relevance to contemporary culture. …show more content…

7. Outsider was made by Gordon Bennett in 1988, with the date the painting was painted in (1988) being the bicentennial anniversary of white settlement in Australia. The painting is 290x180cm, and was painted on canvas using oil and acrylic. The painting focuses on issues of the increasing isolation indigenous Australians feel in their own country. “Outsider “is a painting changed with feelings of the frustration and confusion of the Aboriginal peoples. He got his inspiration from the tragic things that happen between indigenous Aboriginal people from Australia and the white

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