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This book is great for students to learn information about different landforms and events in Hawaii and encourages them to use their imagination. It is a great book for children in grades second or third that are just starting to read chapter books. The book is easy to read with a small amount of words on each page and pictures to go along with the text. The chapters are only a couple pages long so students could easily read it without getting bored. In my opinion, the book is short and to the point when telling the story, it doesn’t ramble on about random topics. This makes it easier for younger children to read and stay focused on what is happening in the book. The author really pays attention to the details of the fictional world. …show more content…

There are some parts that talk about the characters going from a tree house in their backyard to a place all the way across the world. It also talks about some of the things the characters do to try and figure out the mystery they were given. One character named Jack always wants to learn about where they are so he looks it up and writes it in a journal. When children read this, they aren’t aware they are learning about the different places the characters visit, they think this is all about children going to another place to solve a mystery. The author introduces the rules of the fictional world by telling the reader that the tree house is only in the woods of the children’s backyard when they need to solve a mystery for Morgan Le Fay, an imaginary person from the renaissance era. She explains what the next part of the mystery is and what the children need to do to find the missing piece. Everything that the students need to know while reading the rest of the book is explained in the first chapter which really helps, especially younger readers, understand the book better. Every character in the book talks like a normal, everyday person would so the readers can really understand everything they are reading. Being that the two main characters, Jack and Annie, are younger, elementary aged children it helps the reader understand what is happening because they are the same age as the characters. Even though the book is fantasy, the authors’ use of real people

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