Research Paper On Marsupials

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Marsupials are mammals with an extra attribute. The habitat which marsupials live is a mystery. The sugar glider is a small marsupial. Marsupials are pouched animals, who give birth to undeveloped young. Common marsupials are the Kangaroo, Koalas, and Gliders. What separates the Marsupial from other Mammals is the stage of development of the young. Most babies or joeys will remain in the pouch until a new baby is born. The pouch is not an extra flab of skin, it is a muscle which the mother engages to keep the baby in place. All Marsupials originated from South America. When Pangea started to split most marsupials fled to Australia, because South America and Australia were connected during Pangea. Now Marsupials are being hunted for their fur. Also non-native animals have been ruining their ecosystem. Australia has been trying to pass laws to save marsupials, but all animals face the fear of being poached. …show more content…

Appropriately they get there name by their appetite for sweet fruit. The Sugar Glider is native to Australia. They can glide up to 150 feet and use their tails like rudders. You can buy a Sugar Glider for 60 dollars. They have the intelligence of a dog but the size of an hamster. In conclusion, the attributes of marsupials separate them from other mammals. Marsupials call Australia and South America their home. The sugar glider is a marsupial that has very little need and can be a

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