Research Paper On Mrs. Dubose's Camellias

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Mrs. Dubose’s camellias are representative of prejudice and the actions being taken against it. Like racism, Jem tried to handle the problem in a way that at first seemed effective, but in the long run, it was not. Jem “…had cut the tops off every camellia bush Mrs. Dubose owned until the ground was littered with green buds and leaves”(Lee 137). Racism was also handled in this way. Although their efforts were well intended, as long as there were strong supporters on both sides and none of the solutions had a large impact there were no long term results. The camellias are symbolic of this when Mrs. Dubose asks Jem “Thought you could kill my snow-on-the-mountain did you? Well, Jessie says the tops growing back out. Next time you’ll know to do
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