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1. Abstract

The need for positive employee satisfaction and employee engagement within an organization is very important. In this paper, the Brazilian organization Semco will be used to investigate the underlying question together with three other organizations. Semco cares about performance and their company goals, which will only happen if the 3,000 employees that work at Semco feel connected with each other in their work environment. A specific reason why I will be using Semco is because Semco uses participative management within the organization. Participative management is defined as a “management style in which leaders place emphasis on employees’ involvement in the management process” (Jensen, 2011). The existence of participative
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Employee satisfaction can allow for a great deal of motivation, and employee engagement can allow for innovation to occur. The management style that Ricardo Semler introduced to the world in Semco allowed for many companies to try this style, but Semco might still be the highest achieving company using this style because Semler wants his employees to see life as a two-way stroke of work and living that mend together to obtain Semco’s goals. As all employees feel that they can say anything they would like to help achieve these set goals and to help the organization grow, the management style has been implemented well. Satisfaction and engagement are the two main factors that allow this. In this research study I will find what these two main factors lead to for the company and how this affects the companies growth and how they respond…show more content…
Company A is based in the US, company B is based in China, and company C is based in Australia. These companies are chosen based on their management style, which is participative management. To generate these samples I will give employees an anonymous questionnaire to fill out online that contain 40 questions relating to their workload, perceptions of management, teamwork, flexibility, trust, fairness, commitments and resources. The employees will be able to click one of the six options: strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree, and unable to rate. I will ask 100 employees per company of different functions to fill in the questionnaire. After collecting this data and measuring the levels of satisfaction and engagement, I will be able to tell if motivation and innovation also play a

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