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Simone de Beauvoir was born in Paris, France in 1908. She was the eldest child born into an upper middle class household and was raised catholic until she eventually declared she was an atheist. After changing views, she shifted her attention to the study of existence. During Beauvoir’s college years, she met Jean-Paul Sartre and began an unconventional relationship that lasted for fifty years. Sartre became a well known philosopher who focused in existentialism. The couple never married, had separate living quarters, and did not believe in a monogamous relationship. This type of relationship was not typical or easily accepted in society during the time it took place. Beauvoir taught philosophy and literature in the 1930’s until Paris was occupied…show more content…
Beauvoir became an existentialist philosopher, a feminist, and a political activist. She published a book in 1943 entitled, “She came to stay” and in it she examined existential ideals. In 1949, her book, “The Second Sex” was published in France, and then in 1953 in the United States. Although Beauvoir wrote many books, this specific book helped lay down the foundation for feminist philosophers. Beauvoir grew up during a time when women were especially oppressed. During the 1900’s, the people of France dealt with an inadequate diet, constant hard work, and poor hygiene. Women dealt with these problems as well as taking care of their household and everyone in it. Marriage was also seen as a necessity in society. In “The Second Sex”, Beauvoir exposes and challenges the patriarchy that she witnesses. Beauvoir examines the reasons why women have been forced into a secondary level of society even though women make up half of the human population. She also makes the argument that one is not born woman, but becomes one. She describes woman as the other, and explains how men and society oppress women. The man is the subject who sees, and the woman is always the…show more content…
She then introduces the independent woman who is included many times and suffers from an inferiority complex. The independent woman is conscious but it is more difficult for women to establish relations with the other sex. This leads to many frustrated women. There is also more risk for women during/after intercourse. For example, they are more susceptible to contracting a disease, they face danger of conception, and have less physical strength than men. The identification of an independent woman allows other women to have an outlet to their inner feeling and can feel encouraged that a female philosopher is acknowledging them. In a time of females constantly being oppressed, Beauvoir gave a voice and face to consciously aware, independent women. Despite their mindsets, even independent women lack sexual equality. With the way society is set up, it is almost impossible for women to be equal sexual beings. According to Beauvoir, men want to conquer, and women must to passive. This theme of domination is evident through the relationship between men and women. Women have different expectations in a relationship than man, and it is pleasure that joins her with man, but separation that damages her. The expectations women have in relationships, and differences of risk with sex, prevent her from being an equal sexual being to
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