Research Paper On The Rihanna-Chris Brown Dating Abuse

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Modern media is very powerful in influencing today’s world. They use this power to influence people’s opinions and convince them to believe anything that they write or said. With the many different media platforms there are in today’s society, we have decided to look a bit deeper into the news media platform of tabloids and magazines. Specifically how media frames dating abuse when it first becomes publicized. We decided to focus our Final Research Paper on the Rihanna-Chris Brown dating abuse incident in 2009. The Rihanna-Chris Brown scandal all started when the couple were traveling by car and an argument broke out. This argument lead to a physical fight when Chris Brown physically let his anger out on Rihanna by hitting her. Almost every magazines and talk show started writing and talking about it. This scandal became a very hot topic of conversation, and almost everyone had something to say about it. We found that in a lot of these comments and discussions we heard to be focused on victim-blaming, Rihanna’s abuse being objectified, sexualized and romanticized. These are unacceptable comments for many tabloids and magazines to be putting into their publications. Not only does this normalize the abuse towards Rihanna but many times it distracts from the real hard facts about this case. Rihanna was abused and that fault is falling onto her from what we are seeing in the tabloids and magazines. We have found specific articles and headlines that prove there was significant,

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