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Tsukasa is of a moderately tall stature and has short, black hair that he neglects to comb every once in awhile, being slightly wavy. He has green eyes and can usually be seen wearing an unzipped sweatshirt of the same color, being a darker shade. Underneath, he wears a pale-yellow buttoned shirt (untucked) with long sleeves. For pants, he wears a pair of dark blue jeans and for shoes a pair of reddish-brown loafers. As an accessory, he seems to wear a pair of sunglasses on the collar of his shirt. The teacher assistant has a habit of frowning when he concentrates.

Extended Appearance: Nothing of real note.

Objects of Importance:

Tsukasa only really carries two things of note: a luxury pen and a pair of sunglasses as noted above. The pen, a gift from his mother for entering high school, is something he treasures a great deal for its sentimental value. While being monetarily worth a fair amount, he doesn’t really care as much about that part. He’d definitely carry this around with him. The sunglasses are something he keeps around from junior high school, a gift from a delinquent, having hung around those types of people during that time. He’d be quite likely to keep his sunglasses on person, usually preferring to wear them on his collar. …show more content…

Always voicing his opinions on matters, he can come off as argumentative and impatient. Used to doing most of the talking all the time, he’s not very good at sharing the floor with subordinates.

To his peers, the teacher assistant may come off as haughty, but it is obvious Tsukasa has a great deal of confidence in his abilities. Some may find this off-putting when combined with his dominant nature, while others a relief due to resembling a leader-type figure or someone with all the

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