Research Paper on Huntington's Disease

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Huntington’s disease is a hereditary brain disorder that is progressive in neurodegeneration; which means, there is a loss of function and structures of one’s neurons. In the long run it results in the loss of both mental and physical control. The disease affects muscle coordination, cognition and behavior. It used to be known as Huntington’s chorea because it is the most common genetic disease that is the cause of abnormal twitching. Huntington 's has an intense effect on patients, as individuals gradually lose the ability to reason, speak and swallow. Also, motor symptoms, which affects in problems with walking, (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2011). Children born to parents who suffer from the disease have a 50% chance of inheriting and …show more content…

Other problems that are associated with the effects of swallowing are; difficulty controlling rate of food or liquid ingestion, impulsivity while eating, difficulty chewing and initiating a swallow, holding food or liquid in the mouth, drooling and spillage, incomplete swallows – whereas the food or liquid is left in the mouth or

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