Research Report Analysis And Critique

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Research Report Analysis and Critique

Author: Mollie Galloway, Jerusha Conner, and Denise Pope

Title: Nonacademic Effects of Homework in Privileged, High-Performing High Schools

Source: The Journal of Experimental Education

Galloway, M., Conner, J., & Pope, D. (2013). Nonacademic effects of homework in privileged, high-performing high schools. The Journal of Experimental Education, 81(4), 490-510. doi:10.1080/00220973.2012.745469


____ Classroom teacher(s)
__x__ University-based researcher(s)
____ Other: ____________________________________

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____ Stated, but not as a question (p. ____)
____ Implied _____/2 Pts. Participants and Setting: Who were the participants? What was the setting? Why were they chosen?

The study was based on surveying a sample of 4,713 students at 10 high schools in the San Francisco Bay area. The subjects came from high-performing high schools in upper middle class communities.
• four public
• six private

According to Galloway, Conner, and Pope (2013), “All of the schools in [the] study were college preparatory schools in advantaged, upper middle class communities and had elected to participate in the study as part of the larger research and intervention project” (495).

_____ /3 Pts. Data Collection: What data were collected? Comment on the “trustworthiness” of the data (e.g., Do the participants talk as “real” second-graders do?) and the “doability” of data collection (e.g., How difficult would it be for you to collect this data?).

The student survey included Likert-type and open-ended questions. Likert-type questions assessed students’ self-reported homework load and perceptions of homework load, well-being (stress over schoolwork, performance anxiety, physical health, sleep behavior, and time for outside activities), behavioral engagement, and enjoyment of schoolwork.The open-ended questions were posed in the middle of the survey,

The Data Collected:

Nightly homework hours (by Grade and Gender)
• On average, students reported spending 3.11 hr. per

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