Research Review : The Death Of A Fetus Or Infant From The Time Of Conception

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Qualitative Research Review According to London et al. (2014), stillbirth is defined as the “death of a fetus or infant from the time of conception through the end of the newborn period 28 days after birth” (p. 481). In 2011, in the country of Taiwan, there were a total of 2,321 stillborn births and it was reported that 60% of the women who experienced this loss suffered from severe postpartum depression within 4 years (Tseng, Chen, & Wang, 2014, p. 219). Although it is known that the mothers of these infants suffer with traumatic stress, follow-ups after stillbirths are rare and there is no community support groups available. There is not much information available on the experience of Taiwanese women who experience a stillbirth nor is there information about the steps taken by these women to recover from their loss. Thus, this study seeks to understand the experiences of these Taiwanese women who have experienced the loss of an infant and how they cope within their society (Tseng et al., 2014, p. 219).
Critique of the Qualitative Article
Title. The title of the article being critiqued is “Taiwanese Women’s Process of Recovery From Stillbirth: A Qualitative Descriptive Study” (Tseng et al., 2014, p. 219). The title of the article is acceptable. The purpose of the article is incorporated in the title, giving rise to what will be discussed throughout the article. The population that is being studied is displayed in the title as well, in a clear manner.
Abstract. The abstract…

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