Research Study on a Disabled Person

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Participants or Subject
The respondent of the study is a disabled person, who will serve as the subject of the experiments throughout the study. The researchers use purposive sampling. The respondent will be a handicapped person who suffer from a locomotive disability but capable of giving voice commands. Furthermore, the researchers themselves are participants that evaluated the entire functionality of the system.
Instruments/Sources of Data
The materials and instruments to be used for gathering data are questionnaires, documentary analysis and monitoring sheets. The information and data regarding the system were obtained through series of tests. The results of these tests were documented and recorded in a monitoring sheet (tables) developed by the researchers. For the first experiment the researchers used a Sound Level Meter to measure the surrounding the surrounding noise.
In the second phase of data gathering, Evaluation method will be implemented. In this method, the respondent will be given evaluation sheet after testing the functionality of the system.
The data and feedback collected will assess the test variables.
Hardware. The implementation of this project will be done using the following major components: (1) A microcontroller to control the speed and direction of the wheelchair. (2) Headset is the input device and serves as an output for the feedback system. (3) DC motors to drive the wheels of the chair. (4) Batteries to supply the desired power to

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