Researh Methods in Sociology

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Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions between which people interact. Sociology ranges frome a wide spectrum of topics, and is nearly unlimited as humans interact with almost everything in some form. Sociologists gather and analyze the evidence about social life to our uincrease our knowledge and understanding of social processes and interactions. The research methods sociologists use are varied and heavily depend on the type of information they are looking to obtain. The term sociological imagination was coined by the American sociologist C. Wright Mills in 1959 to describe the type of insight offered by the discipline of sociology. In this text we see a clear difference between History and Biography Conflict Theory A theory created by Karl Marx that claims society is in a state of constant conflict due to competition for limited amount of resources. Conflict theory says that social order is maintained by control and power, rather than consensus and conformity. That those with wealth and power try to hold on to it at all costs, Usually by suppressing the poor and powerless. Conflict theory also can be seen in most of the fundamental developments in human history, such as democracy and civil rights, to capitalistic attempts to control rather than have a social order. This can be seen in the movie Pleasantville near the end when the Governor of the city trys to maintain the way it use to be where everything was the same, people

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