Resistance To Resistance To Slavery

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Resistance to Slavery: Underground Railroad Slavery is the practice and system of where a person is property of and under the control by another person. Today, the United States is a land of opportunities, but once even this country had a racial and subjugated past. Slavery has existed in many different forms for all of human history include some examples. Slavery was seen in Greece, Rome, Europe, Slavs, and even pirates captured Christians from ships. Slaves traveled from passive resistance to becoming fugitives and riding the Underground railroad only by the help of rising abolitionists who did this to help individuals learn from the mistakes of the past with hopes of creating a better future or to die trying. In America, slavery started due to the plantations that needed a lot of labor and free labor was seen in the form of Africans. Labor demand was high and very intense on plantations. Cruel conditions and separated families brought with them high death rates and that only brought with t more resistance among slaves. Resistance to slavery was seen to have small numbers and contained passive acts of rebellion instead of being anywhere close to Haiti’s slave revolution or compared to Jamaica's 20,000 slaves rebelling in 1831. The slaves in United States were passive due to being confronted by authorities hell bent on maintaining slavery in South. Resistance included day to day and silent sabotage of plantation crop equipment, laming farm animals, and faking illness.
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