Resolving A Client Dispute Through Mediation

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Resolving a Client Dispute through Mediation Case “Your client is a businessman who owns a restaurant. His partner and head chef is claiming that he is not receiving his fair share of the profits – he and your client have a difference of opinion about the ownership of revenues from a catering business run out of the restaurant premises by your client and a different chef. Your client is quite anxious to retain the restaurant, which will be vulnerable to failure if he loses the chef, so you have suggested taking the dispute to a mediator, and your client is all for it. However, the chef’s attorney is balking because the chef “doesn’t want to throw money down a dark hole” – in other words, he doesn’t like the idea that mediation won’t promise a resolution” (Coltri, 103). Introduction There are many reasons for turning to mediation to help resolve conflict between disputants. Most likely, disputants go in for mediation with a competitive thought of winning over one another. At the same time, many times disputants want the other disputants to understand each other vice versa. But it’s most likely impossible for disputants to understand each other’s interest and needs if they are willing to hear each other out. In this case, one side is firm on receiving a higher profit and the other is unwilling to give the higher profit to the other disputant but he is willing to go to mediation to resolve the conflict. Forms of Mediation and Best Option for Conflict When disputants mediate,
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