Respect In The Montgomery Boycott's Montgomery Boycott

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Imagine a world where there were no boundaries or respect. Chaos would break out. Respect is entailed in this world, so there is a sense of peace. Knowing when to be the bigger person and being respectful is needed in this society. The world needs respect to fix injustice because, no matter how different you are, still give respect. Respect is earned through examples of good assertiveness; tolerance leads to respect. In this world we all have our differences, that is what makes us unique. If we were all the same, this world would be a very boring place. In the short story “Montgomery Boycott” African Americans were being discriminated against. Because African Americans have a darker skin color, our society thought it would be okay to degrade them. Specifically, Rosa Parks, an African American, was sitting in the front of the bus, but a white person told her to move. After having a rough day, she decided to not move to the back of the bus. She was then arrested. “She had not planned to do what she did. Her cup had run over” (King 224). The radiant Rosa Parks, was simply just tired of the oppression. She wanted to be respected, and after that event she had earned it. Martin Luther King created the Montgomery Bus Boycott, where all African Americans stopped riding the bus. The African American community screamed in exaltation when they saw nobody on the buses. Ironically, a white person exposed the boycott, but it still was effective. “We must not become bitter and end up by

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