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High Schools Responsibilities

Since the beginning of civilization education has been a big part of life. If you were educated you were considered “privileged” or “wealthy” since there was mainly private schools and universities. It was that way until 17th century, when America opened its first public High School in Boston. Ever since the opening of these new public schools people have asked themselves the simple question of, What is the role of our High Schools? High schools these days seem to be a mixture between glorified babysitting, and college preparation. This is becoming a growing problem problem in our school districts. At large High Schools, such as, Will C. Wood, there are groups of kids that are forced to attend. While some of the other kids are trying to get into harvard. Our schools are trying to zero in on what roles they should put into practice. Are they glorified babysitters? Should they press for every student to attend College? Either way the High Schools lean the other side of the argument is left unhappy creating a heated debate over the role of High Schools.I believe High School's role is a two part process the first part of High School should be devoted to general education classes; while the second most important part of High School should be focused on career preparation.

To start it off, there is a wide variety of students attending High School. There are kids on every end of the spectrum. Our kids all have different goals some are trying to

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