Responsibility 'And Meet My Kid, An Adorable Environmental Disaster'

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Our Responsibility
These days, we have a serious problem along with the population growth. Overpopulation causes lots of different impacts on earth. One major problem is pollution that people make. I feel very sorry for our planet since I was more likely to participate in the works that might cause the earth sick. However, I am now concerned about our climate changes which are the result of our human activities. Also, I decided to change my lifestyle as an eco-friendly person after reading articles from two different authors. The articles, “I am the Population Problem” by Lisa Hymas and “Meet my Kid, an Adorable Environmental Disaster” by Jeff Feldman, share some similar basic ideas while they have some key differences. Both Hymas and Feldman …show more content…

Hymas points out that she, herself as an American, is the one who should be blamed for the environment issues rather than the poor people or other people from the developing countries. Feldman, on the other hand, states that his concern about his child who will make a huge carbon footprint on the planet. Although they access to the problem in different ways, their main concern is the same-- environment. They claim that Americans, especially the kids, tend to make more pollution than the people from other countries. Further, they both mentioned about a research of a study of 2009 Oregon State University, which shows a fact that the impact an American kid make is much greater than one doing green acts for the whole lifetime. Knowing this fact have made them be more concerned about nature. Since they are concerned about it, they think back their past green lives and make plans for their future. Also, both of them think that they are responsible for solving this problem for our future. As a result, they both hesitated to have a child when they thought about the environment problems that they are making; though they found different solutions for

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