Retention Of Pilots Essay

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The retention of pilots is becoming a crisis for business airlines, commercial airlines, and military leading to the situation to only get worse. The aviation industry will only grow from this point on due to its key advantages for its transportation and with that, a larger number of pilots will be needed. This becomes one of the stress factors that comes with the job for pilots along with many others. The stress may be too much for pilots that it’s even causing them to decline hefty retention bonuses. As you can see many factors affect this shortage of pilots and I see it as the problem worsening in the future if no solutions are found to resolve this issue. There has been plenty of proof that the industry of aviation has been …show more content…

The current pilots are the ones making up for the gap by elongating their working hours, which can cause stress to them and to their families. Along with any profession, working 12 hours shifts, 6 days a week can certainly cause fatigue to the body, not only physically, but mentally as well. Another component that relates to this fatigue is constantly crossing over different time zones which everyone knows causes jet lag. With this career field, pilots do not get the leeway to allow fatigue to take control of them when on the job. This in which leads to another stress factor, the responsibility that comes with the occupation. When in flight many things can happen, equipment malfunction or turbulence are often the trouble. With this it can be stressful to know that it is up to you, the pilot, to resist any qualms that may be felt, and to resolve any errors for the safety of their lives and/or the several hundreds of people that may be onboard. These multiple factors may even be too much to handle for the current pilots because it has been reported that some are even declining their retention bonuses. Both military and commercial airlines are trying to increase pilots bonuses due to the constant stress pilots are eventually declining to extend their career. “Pilots are burning out as increased operations leave the USAF stretched thin” (A.Burns

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