Rethinking : An Individual Attempt At The New Way Of Life

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Reframing Reframing is an individual attempt at trying to interpret a situation; so, that their perception is more accurate and the incident is less traumatic (BB: Week 3). Moreover, every experience that we encountered is seen through a “frame” from which we form our own interpretations (BB: Week 3). Therefore, reframing could be a strategic solution to bringing happiness to the current growing prison population, as it would allow the offenders a different, more positive, outlook on their lives. When an offender serving time in a correctional facility engages in reframing, it could be beneficial when easing into the subculture and adapting to their new way of life. This new way of life includes; “the customs, beliefs, attitudes, values,…show more content…
Additionally, if the offender views change as normal, and that being locked up has an expiry date (e.g. the temporarily incarcerated individuals), they will have a more positive outlook on life and they will be happier given the circumstances. Moreover, the offender will be able to appreciate that they were fortunate to be free at one point in their life and that they will be a free at another point in their life. Until then, the offender can look at their situation through a positive frame to free themselves mentally, although they are locked up physically. However, reframing is only successful based on our belief of how the world should be. Furthermore, as storytelling creatures we are more likely to perceive a situation to be more difficult than it really is. For example, one student gets a B on an essay and is devastated while another gets the same grade and is ecstatic. It all boils down to how each of the student view the world, which can be related to an offender in prison. The offender can blame the criminal justice system or someone else for their predicament, however, this will only leave the offender unhappy. While another offender is able to accept responsibility for their actions and work on how to forgive themselves and move on with their lives. The latter tend to have a happier life and are more likely to finish their time
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