Review Of ' 10 Things I Hate About You ' Chick Flick Essay

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Name: Menna Alaa

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Subject: Women Studies

' '10 Things I Hate About You ' ' Chick Flick Analysis
A Chick Flick as broadly agreed upon is the kind of films that mostly appeal to a female audience. Even the name itself is a bit offensive. It implies that films having female characters are appealing just to women spectators, and films with men, as protagonists are more commonly considered as widespread, while those who have bunches of ladies in them are so called "Chick Flicks", and in this way, a corner shallow kind. Most of the time these films convey the point that ladies live happily ever after when they get the chance to discover intimate romance. Other Chick Flicks introduce a solid female protagonist but, as the film advances the hero needs to change herself of to adjust to her end goal to observe affection, to be recognized by her adoration intrigue, or to fit into her partner 's life. Most commonly the female protagonist is a stunningly beautiful woman, who likewise happens to be blonde rather than a brunette, youthful, white and thin. Yet she needs to have a blemish, which would make her more human and in this way, more relatable to lots of people. 10 Things I Hate About You is likely the most clear illustration. However she definitely must be physically dazzling like all the female characters in the film, with a specific end goal to keep the present magnificence ongoing.

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