Review Of Charlotte Bronte 's ' Jane Eyre '

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Title: Jane Eyre Author: Charlotte Bronte Main Characters (Protagonist/Antagonist), Title, & Traits: Jane Eyre (Protagonist): main character, lost, alone, devastated Rochester (Protagonist): master of Thornfield, loves Jane, secretive, caring St. John (Protagonist): missionary loves Jane, cold, reserved, controlling Mrs. Reed (Antagonist): Jane’s aunt, cruel, resent Mr. Brocklehurst (Antagonist): principal, cruel, hypocritical Setting: England in the 19th century. Gateshead, Lowood Institute, Millcote, the Moors, Moor House, Ferdean. Summary: Jane is an orphaned girl that ends up being raised and horribly mistreated by her aunt Mrs. Reed. One day for fighting with her cousin, Mrs. Reed puts her in the red room-the room where her uncle had died. She thinks she sees his ghost, and faints. When she wakes up to hearing Mr. Lloyd suggest she be sent away to school, while her aunt agrees. She goes to Lowood School where the principal is horrible and teaches poverty to his students. Although she makes a friend named Helen burns, she dies from a disease that sweeps through the school. This disease prompts her principal to leave and the school is taken over by a better group of gentlemen where they make Jane’s life significantly better. She graduates from the school and eventually becomes a teachr there. After two years, she becomes bored with it and becomes a governess at Thornfield and teaches a girl named Adele. She eventually comes to love Rochester, her

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