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LT4239 Conversation Analysis Assignment 2: Article Review
Group 2: Fu Yuen Sum, Winsome (5405 1982)
Review on “Repair” in “The Handbook of Conversation Analysis” by Celia Kitzinger
Repair is a field of study in conversation analysis, and several linguists had been working on this topic since 1970s. This chapter from “The Handbook of Conversation Analysis” focuses on the domain of repair, introducing current research results about the various types of repair made in speech, making it clear for readers who might not have much knowledge in this field. Consequently, possible functions and sequence of these repairing acts are described and explained with ample easy-to-understand examples. The researches cited in the …show more content…

As in extract 4, L was estimating how many months have passed after she bought her rings. She came up with “around eight months” at first, but then she might think that more time should have passed, hence, she modified it to “more than eight months” nearly immediately after her last guess. Extract 4 also includes self-talk, as L whispered line 67 to herself, this is considered a low-volume self-talk which indicates self-initiated repair. Moreover, repeats are found in line 66 in extract 4, serving as an indicator of self-repair. Therefore, these technologies might occur no matter where the self-repair is …show more content…

She claimed that repair is performed so as to “fine-tune” a turn, in order to perform certain actions which the speaker intends to achieve. She mentioned “upgrading and downgrading the force of action” as one of the possible interactional uses of repair. I do agree with this point since we may sometimes mistakenly make an extreme comment on an event or a thing at first and we would try to downgrade that to a milder word in order to avoid misunderstandings or even arguments. Thus, I believe repairing may carry social functions in certain

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