Review Of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

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The “no artificial additives or preservatives” label dominating fridges and pantries across the nation shows that society’s obsession with all things natural and whole persists. Growing numbers of people remain willing to pay large amounts of money and sacrifice convenience just to hop onto the organic bandwagon. People view organic things as real because they lack the artificial byproducts of human creation, such as pesticides and unnatural fertilizer, and therefore see them as more appealing. The motivation for buying these foods doesn’t stem from their many health benefits, but from society’s emphasis on the value of authentic things: real food and, even more significantly, real people and real thoughts. We feel drawn to genuine smiles,…show more content…
The book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick explored the relationship between humanity and factitious creations. Our value of authenticity fuels our general discomfort with robots other forms of advanced…show more content…
Despite the numerous terms, places, and names throughout Darkness, Ursula’s book simplifies into a love story between two extremely different people in order to break down our society’s definition of human The main character, Ai, is what we consider human. He travels to Gethen and two of its nations - Karhide and Orgoreyn - where a species essentially the same as humans live. The significant differences between humans and Gethenians are their gender identities - they don’t exactly exist and don’t coincide with the classic human gender binary, and their sex - everyone is both male and female except during their sexually active phase once a month where they morph into one biological sex. By creating an extremely human-like group of people, Ursula brings up the question of whether the reader should regard them as truly human despite their deviation from our sex and gender norms. From the beginning, Ai has trouble accepting statements such as “the king is pregnant” and feels the need to fit everyone into his binary: man or woman, male or female. Although Gethen doesn’t impose specific gender identities upon its people, the book’s accepted gender characteristics are those which Ai and the reader share. Ai spends a large amount of time with Estraven, a Gethenian, as they attempt to reach another
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