Whole Foods Market: Changing The Shopping Experience. German

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Whole Foods Market: Changing the Shopping Experience
German A. Padilla
Saint Leo University

Whole Foods Market is probably the world leader in retailing natural and organic foods, with over 433 stores in North America and the United Kingdom (Whole With a commitment to provide the highest quality of natural and organic foods at competitive prices; they steadily continue to expand globally. This paper will provide some insight on the advantages and disadvantages of perhaps why we should invest in this company’s stock.
Whole Foods Market: Changing the Shopping Experience
Today’s society where people are more informed and health conscientious; the sales of organic and natural foods has shown an …show more content…

At 10,500 square feet and a staff of 19, this store was quite large in comparison to the standard health food store of the time. Less than a year later, on Memorial Day in 1981, the worst flood in 70 years devastated the city of Austin. Caught in the flood waters, the store 's inventory was wiped out and most of the equipment was damaged.
The losses were approximate $400,000 and Whole Foods Market had no insurance. Customers and neighbors voluntarily joined the staff to repair and clean up the damage. Creditors, vendors, and investors all provided breathing room for the store to get back on its feet and it re-opened only 28 days after the flood. The Expansion Period. Beginning in 1984, Whole Foods Market began its expansion out of Austin, first to Houston and Dallas and then into New Orleans with the purchase of Whole Food Company in 1988. In 1989, we expanded to the West Coast with a store in Palo Alto, California. While continuing to open new stores from the ground up, we fueled rapid growth by acquiring other natural foods chains throughout the '90s: Wellspring Grocery of North Carolina, Bread & Circus of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Mrs. Gooch 's Natural Foods Markets of Los Angeles, Bread of Life of Northern California, Fresh Fields Markets on the East Coast and in the Midwest, Florida Bread of Life stores, Detroit area Merchant of Vino stores, and Nature 's Heartland of Boston.
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