Review Of Enjoying The Presence Of God And A Praying Life

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Review of enjoying the presence of God and a Praying Life

1. What good does it do
The critique of A Praying Life an interesting question being asked about what good does it do having a praying life when one get into trouble or some pain of discomfort suddenly appear in their life. The question remains about why am I going through such difficult times and struggling with so much misery. The person asking the question wants something done on their behalf and concern in a particular situation. Their action relies heavily on getting the required measure taken care of or the faith and trust in them seem to diminish all at once. They are completely upset about the situation being out of their control with no way to respond for remedy to the matter at hand. This renders them very helpless to acknowledge the fact and accept that in the universe, something are not given to man to have control of or know the meaning to solve in day to day.

2. Where we headed
In situation or circumstances we have no control of or can get help at a moment notice like one have a genius in the bottle and can rub a magic lamp for the genius to appear and grant then all their wants and solve all the problems that they are having would be something of a fairy tale and Alice in the wonderland. The true matter here is facing reality and coming to grip to every circumstance and concerns all around the environment. It would appear that we are headed toward an end where the final determination…
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