Review Of Ken Kesey 's ' One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest '

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Society’s conventional definitions of sanity and insanity are affected by many different aspects and according to common knowledge, insanity has a direct correlation to mental illness. Likewise, sanity seems to have a direct link to what is considered normal. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey describes the connection that both insanity and sanity have to mental illness and the people that suffer from it. Furthermore, it describes how the people who work in the mental ward are connected to how sanity and insanity are perceived. Kesey makes the reader question the accepted definitions of sane and insane by using the actions of the characters, the personalities of the employees, and the mental ward as a whole. Mental institutions such as the one in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest have various patients with various mental illnesses. According to Chief Bromden, a Chronic is a type of patient in the mental institution who has no chance of leaving or being cured. A patient either arrives as a Chronic or becomes one due to procedures such as lobotomy and electric shock therapy (Kesey, 1962, pg. 15-16). However, this denotation reveals how mentally ill does not necessarily equal insane. While many of the Chronics do have some form of mental illness, their position in the asylum is often a result of the behavior of the people who work there. The Acutes, another type of patient in the mental institution, have little to do with the Chronics because of their fear that they
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