Review Of ' The Nagy ' Mom '

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The “Nagy” Mom
This is the mom who is constantly asking questions and interrogates you about every little thing that you do wrong or forget to do. Just anything they get their hands on that gives them permission to yell at you for it. Story time: I forget to do the dishes the previous night and I get a text the next morning when I get to school. I wonder who it’s from. Duh, it’s the warden. The text reads, “Did you do the dishes last night? No? I didn’t think so. Why can’t you ever just do as you are told? Come home straight after school and get them done before you do anything else.” Example A of interrogation and questioning. Example B: Mother gets a grade alert for one of my classes that had currently gone from an A to a high B. I guess this is not acceptable. When I get home from work I hear her call my name. I walked into her room. “Why is your grade in psychology dropping? Do you do the homework that’s supposed to be done? I told you that you have to keep your grades up or...” I cut her off. “Chill out. I do my homework. My grades are fine. It’s not the end of the world.”
Having a Nagy mom is difficult to cope with but at least you know she cares. Having a Nagy mom can stress you out and can cause may pointless and time wasting arguments. Sometimes the best thing to do is to stay out of the house and not answer her annoying texts.

The “My Kid is the Boss/ Royalty” Mom
This is the mom that lets their child take control of them and treats their teen like they are…

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