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Jonathan Dembek
British World Literature, Period 7/8
14 December 2015

The Role of Religion in Society
In some way, everyone’s lives on this planet have been affected by religion. It affects current events such as wars, politics, and societal issues. How religion affects these events and ideologies can be seen in literature. The literature reflects the events and political problems of the time period, which can be used to demonstrate the role of religion in current events of specific time periods. Due to the religious migration during the time period of Beowulf and The Scarlet Letter, religion can be seen as a cause to political problems, wars, and the story itself supports the idea of influence of religion in current events.
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The first example of how religion has influenced the political spectrum is in A Scarlet Letter. The mayor who ran the town was a “soldier, legislator, judge, and a ruler in the church” (Hawthorne 15). In other words, the mayor was also a church leader along with his political life in the town. This reaffirms the idea that politicians can have religious ties and biases. Another key example of how religion has influenced political ideology, and cultural conflicts, is World War Two and the Nazi Party Platform. The Nazi Party wanted to create a “master race” called the Aryans, which included being Christian. The United States Holocaust Museum links the christian faith, and church, into the Nazi Party Platform and to the Aryan ideology, “The racialized anti-Jewish Nazi ideology was historically widespread throughout Europe at the time and had deep roots in Christian history” (The German Churches 1). In other words, the Nazi political party’s ideology was influenced by the christian faith, and the hatred of the Jewish faith. Therefore demonstrating the ties between religious beliefs and political ideology.
Another way religion influences ideology is in the cultural ideology of society. As society changes, religion’s effect on the ideology changes, but the main ties can be seen in different time periods. Religion played a key role in establishing the norms of the New World. When the new
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