Review of Essential Terms and Concepts Essay

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Review of Essential Terms and Concepts

1. The word bit is a contraction for what two words?
Binary digit
2. Explain how the terms bit, byte, nibble, and word are related.
A bit is one digit, a nibble consists of four bits, and a byte consists of eight bits, while a word consists of two or more adjacent its.
3. Why are binary and decimal called positional numbering systems?
Each position in a number of is weighted by a power of the radix
4. Explain how base 2, base 8, and base 16 are related.
Base 2 each bit stands on its own example 1011011111
Base 8 you divide 1011011111 into groups of 3 Example 001-011-011-111
Base 16 you divide 1011011111 into groups of 4 Example 0010-1101-1111
5. What is a radix?
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12. With reference to the previous question, what are the drawbacks of the other two conversion methods?
Using the double-dabble method does not require remembering several different rules such as what signed to use and which number to add or subtract from, it is straightforward math.
13. What is overflow and how can it be detected? How does overflow in unsigned numbers differ from overflow in signed numbers?
Overflow is when you have a carryover of a number, thus giving the wrong sign example causing two numbers to be added together, giving the result a negative number. It can be detected by simply knowing if the carry into signed bit equals the carry out signed bit, no overflow has occurred in unsigned numbers. We know they are positive so overflow does not change this, it will always remain positive, while in signed numbers. This overflow, unless programmed correctly, could change the entire outcome of the intended result.
14. If a computer is capable only of manipulating and storing integers, what difficulties present themselves? How are these difficulties overcome?
Should the programmer of the system not take appropriate measures to check all be code written for a specific program, mathematical calculations could produce in accurate results. Difficulties like these be overcome by checking all programs and having other programmers and users test the system prior to deployment.
15. What are the goals of Booth’s algorithm?
To increase

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