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*The book, Beach Lane, was originally published as The Au Pairs. (Just in case of confusion)*
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5 out of 5 stars The Hamptons are IT! November 14, 2005
A Kid's Review
This review is from The Au Pairs (Hardcover)

Three girls from three different walks of life are joined together in the IT place, the Hamptons. Eliza, Mara and Jacqui are the au pairs of the four spoiled Perry kids.

Eliza, a former New Yorker, took the job to escape her now boring Buffalo lifestyle and to rejoin her old crew. The only problem is that in order to be in the IT crew, you have to have IT and most certainly, she did not have it anymore. Her parents declared bankruptcy and moved away from the city and …show more content…

It's a total brain vacation.
I didn't much care about the main character Jacqui. She brings absolutely nothing to the story. She considers herself worldly and experienced, but she came across very naive. But not a lot happens to her so she was easily ignored. Eliza is one of the most horrible characters I've ever read about. She wasn't written badly, she's just a bad person. She's shallow and vapid. Only considers people who are rich and beautiful, and is unbearably rude to those who aren't. She's has some seriously unhealthy views on life in general and love in particular. Mara was great. She's a smart girl from a small time, has a firm grasp on reality and on what in life really counts. Though she does give in to peer pressure a couple of times, but that's not surprising considering she likes to keep the peace and avoids conflict at all costs. After my initial disgust at how Eliza and in smaller dose also Jacqui behaved and thought about things, I started to really get into the story. Unfortunately, the moment they get a reality check never came, but toward the end Eliza and Jacqui do make some strides toward becoming half decent people, though they still have a long way to go. I am quite looking forward to reading about them again and seeing more of their personal growth. And Mara too, though she's already pretty great, she still needs to learn no to always be such a pushover.

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