Review of the Gordontown Power Plant

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TO: Paulette Machon, VP Operations, Baldur Agricultural Chemicals FROM: A. G. Smith, Pro-Active Consultants, and Manufacturing Specialist RE: Review of Gordontown Plant DATE: May 14, 2012 Summary - Per your request, I have completed the study of the Gordtontown BAC Power Plant. In general, I found that the plant has an appearance of surface clean, but several areas of maintenance and critical work areas have been neglected. There is a clear disconnect between the required level of preventive maintenance and that which is actually completed. I would most strongly recommend that you take steps to immediately have a preventive maintenance plan drafted, and ensure that this plan is carried out with regularity. In addition, I believe that the plant would benefit greatly with the installation of a Corland 200-power panel. Your Weston flow meters had not been serviced in over three years, and were old, in need of cleaning, and calibration. It is advisable that you bring in a Weston technical crew to handle this, but then keep up on the regular maintenance. This suggestion met with considerable enthusiasm from several of your engineers. In addition, I found that there is some disconnect apparent regarding the retirement of Curt Hannes and the succession of Harry Markham. Many of the flaws discovered are the direct result of a lack of adequate attention at the management level and/or the presumption that there is little need for continuous and rigorous upkeep. If you intend to

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