Rewritten Versions

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The two varying essays have components of them that make them similar yet contrasting at the same times. The rewritten versions not only provide examples of how language can affect the outcome of the story in the understanding of the individual reader. Varying versions can also cause new “bumps” and “gaps” to either rise or become answered in the process of the readings. In the first narrative, Abraham is presented as a more distraught character, rather than the second one when the only mention of any emotion is that of when his fist appeared to be tight. The trip, also has contrasting descriptions between the two narratives. In the first narrative, the trip was described as “... So they rode in silence and Abraham’s eyes were fixed on the ground…” This narrative describes the trip as one full of sorrow, while the later trip is described as “They rode together in accord…” While both trips can be assumed to be upsetting, the specific wording of the interpretations can lead the reader to…show more content…
Both versions of this story also give insight to the emotions of those that were involved. Towards the end of each narrative, Abraham can be described as questioning. He wonders why God would cause or wish for such a thing to happen. Isaac, also upset (only in the second narrative) was said to of “…lost his faith…” One difference from these two interpretations and that of other texts is the lack of God’s presence. This absences does not answer questions regarding him, instead it creates more gaps for the reader. However, one question this could possibly answer is that of God’s motives and emotions. Due to the lack of God’s presences, one could interpret this absence as a lack of caring. Because there is no mention of God or his angel, it could be thought of as a lack of love for Abraham and
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