Rfid Tags And The Checkout Counter Have Rfid

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1. Introduction
Nowadays, RFID has been used widely in many industrial services, distribution, manufacturing and security. It can help to identify and monitor items (products, people, animals, etc...) wirelessly within a specified range. Although RFID technology dates back to WWII, it has not been used commercially until fairly recently, when Wal-Mart began using it for inventory management. In an attempt to fully integrate the RFID system, thereby substantially saving on logistics and manpower costs, streamlining in-store automatic product management procedure, and raising the company overall operating efficiency Wal-Mart demanded that its top 100 suppliers to affix a RFID tag onto the packaging of the goods they supplied. In an effort to improve business and service quality, save time and effort.

This paper aims to apply RFID to points of sale, by using item-level RFID tagging and the checkout counter have RFID readers instead of barcode scanners. In the current systems the customer needs to find an empty cashier to complete the purchase process. There is a lot of time wasted due to long queues and the fact that the checkout attendant has to scan the items ' bar code one by one. In the proposed system, customers fill their carts as usual, but instead of going to find the shortest line at a cashier, they just walk their cart through the gate. The readers send UHF “Ultra High Frequency” radio waves to the tag. When the tag receives this signal it will convert it to energy

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