Seminar in Global Supply Chain Management Essay

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Seminar Research Paper
Mars Mellish
DDBA 8510 Seminar in Global Supply Chain Management
Dr. Moutaz Abou-Robieh
Walden University
June 30, 2013

Abstract This paper was done to cover the DDBA-8510-1 Seminar Global Supply Chain Management final seminar research paper. Supply chain management, is the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. It represents a conscious effort by the supply chain firms to develop and run supply chains in the most effective & efficient ways possible (Handfield, 2011). Global Supply Chain Management involves a business or a company’s worldwide interests and suppliers rather than simply a local or national orientation.
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These devices are imperative for global supply chains. The farther the goods are from the final endpoint, the riskier its arrival. Before RFID scans, supply chain managers took inventory weekly or monthly to track sales and supplies. Now, many companies like Wal-Mart track their products with RFID technology. The RFID readers’ purpose is to cross-examine RFID. Advantages and Disadvantages of GSCM
Some advantages of global supply chain management for businesses are to increase profit and sales, globalization increases sales because various market options are open, reduces the pressure of relying on local business, competitive advantage, enhance speed and efficiency, product cycle time reduction, and lowers supply chain cost. Some disadvantages of going global in regard to supply chain management is investment of money, time and resources, supplier selection and relationships can become very challenge. The norm disadvantage is as companies go global cooperating within groups and organizations could be very challenge. With cultural barriers, foreign tax laws and regulations companies going global should understand it may take years for supply chain to gain rewards and increase sales. According to Nahla (2013) the greatest benefits of global supply chain management are 1. As opposed to a poorly organized supply chain a global supply is extremely competitive and so you can obtain a really good price for supplies that
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