Rhetoral Advertising In Coca-Cola 'Falling:FallingAndFalling'

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When it comes to the topic of commercials, most of us readily agree that commercials are irritating. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the purpose of the commercial. Whereas some are convinced that commercials are meaningless, others maintain that commercials tell a story. Effective commercials are repetitive and illustrate a story. Marketers use rhetoric marketing, the art of persuasive speaking and writing, when persuading an audience to buy a product. Rhetoric marketing is especially effective through the illustration of a story. It is effective because the marketer is able to relate to the consumer with a story or message. Advertisers also use the appeals of logic, credibility, and emotions to intrigue interest in a company. Coca-Cola’s advertisement, “Falling,” depicts the product as a confidence building companion suitable for young love through a series of logical and emotional appeals that visibly promotes the brand’s credibility. The Coca-Cola commercial, “Falling,” illustrates a rhetoric marketing image between two shy teenagers at an amusement park. The shy teenage boy exchanges a timid smile to the girl after getting a Coke from the Coca-Cola vending machine. The boy looks for confidence in his Coke and sits on the same bench as the girl, who is also drinking a Coke. Once the boy sits down, the music changes to the chorus “I was falling for you” and the couple is pictured on a roller coaster, swinging, eating popcorn, drinking Coke with

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