Rhetorical Analysis Of Old Spice Ad

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Rhetorical appeals in Old Spice Multimodal text plays a huge role in the entertainment industry, but how they promote and influence audiences to buy their products depends highly on how they present their advertisement. In the famous Old Spice commercial many rhetorical appeals are used, and although this advertisement little to realistically describes the product they are advertising, It's clever and subtle use of all three appeals, pathos, logos, and ethos, persuaded many people to switch to Old Spice and at the same time helped Old Spice reach its target audience, which is men. This advertisement demonstrates equal amounts of each rhetorical appeals, ethos, logos, and pathos, at the start of the commercial the first rhetorical appeal that was presented is ethos. Ethos is credibility, and the audience is provided this by the well-known actor Terry Crews, who just happens to be known for his masculinity, this leads the target audience, which is men, to believe that if they use Old Spice, they will be thought of as manly as Crews. Old Spice has also used other Actors such as Isaiah Mustafah and Neil Patrick Harris to help support the idea that Old Spice gives you a more masculine appeal, this helps with credibility since men are aspiring to be like them. Following ethos is logos. This is an appeal to the audience based on logic and reasoning. While the appeal to logos in this advertisement is very slim, it is present and is used effectively. The main focus

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