Rhetorical Analysis : Deborah Tannen

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Rhetorical Analysis

Deborah Tannen is a professor in linguistics at Georgetown University. She studies the different patterns of language, like talking to people at work, friends, family, politics, academics, law, and how the ways we talk affect relationships with others. In her essay, “Oh, Mom. Oh, Honey. : Why Do You Have to Say That? ” The author’s purpose in this essay is about how mother and daughter relationships are, and what the mother is trying to say to the daughter, when talking to her. The reason behind the author’s purpose, is because her own mother was gradually getting weak. She started spending more time with her mother and caring for her. When her mom died, it transformed her thinking about mother and daughter relationships. She uses real life experiences and dialect to convey her intentions to the reader. In the essay, the author uses research and conducted interviews that she found about mother and daughter relationships, to show the actual meaning to what mothers are saying to their daughters when communicating. The author’s uses dialect to show how mothers and daughters talk to each other. For example, “Do you think you would have accomplished all of this if you had stayed married?” “Absolutely not,” I said. “If I’d stayed married, I wouldn’t have gone to grad school to get my PhD.” “Well,” she replied, “If you’d stayed married you wouldn’t have had to” (pg. 918-919).This shows the communication between most moms and their daughters. Tannen

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