Rhetorical Analysis Of Anti Smoking

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Did you know that smoking is the number one cause of death? It is something that can be easily prevented, yet many people fall prey to it. According to a NBC News article from May 2016, almost 15% of United States adults smoke cigarettes. Smoking affects the health in various ways. For instance, it is one of the leading cause of cancer, and it decreases life expectancy by twelve minutes. There are many anti-smoking advertisements, showing the injurious effects of smoking cigarettes through vivid images or graphic pictures.
The advertisement that I chose also shows the injurious effect of smoking through its vivid graphics. The advertisement shows a teenage boy smoking and the smoke from the cigarette forms a gun pointing to his head. The black and white background of the advertisement creates a dark image. On the bottom of the page appears the words, “Kill a cigarette, save a life. Yours.” The young man is staring straight at the camera without any emotions, shows that he is maybe depressed about something and attaches the audience with an unknown emotion. Through this advertisement, the image is conveying and promoting the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Also, this advertisement prevents people who are non-smokers from joining the group of smokers. This advertisement uses logos, pathos, and ethos through its image and the meaning behind the image. Ethos is the first rhetorical appeal that has an effect on the author’s message. The author of the advertisement is Kelly

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